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The next generation of students needs our help!

As alumni, we are joining together for the 50th Anniversary and paying it forward to help the next generation of BYU students. There are many ways to make a difference for the students. Join us in supporting the fundraising or mentoring goal.

500 New Mentors for the 50th

Goal: 500 new mentorsCurrent progress: 111 new mentors

The #1 request from our graduating seniors this year was more mentoring from alumni. We need your help!

The best things a student can receive as they are preparing to graduate and enter into their career fields are experience and advice from experienced alumni and partners in the industry. BYU has created BYU Connect to help connect students with alumni and professionals who can help them. Our goal is to get 500 more mentors on BYU Connect.

Signing up for BYU Connect is an easy way to let us know that you would be open to mentoring students in the future. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and you can also use this tool to reach out to others in the BYU Network. Our students have many different career paths, so we appreciate having a broad set of alumni and friends of the university with different backgrounds, fields, locations, and careers.

Join our Giving Week

Registration open until March 1st

By participating in our Giving Week you are helping our students to gain the experiences they need for success and future excellence. Visit the Giving Week website for more information.

Our college is the result of countless alumni, students, faculty, and staff who make the world a better place. Alumni and students have the opportunity to unite together and make an extra impact in their departments. A generous donor has given an extra impact gift that will award the top three departments with the highest donor participation percentage. Individuals can also register to become an ambassador for a chance to win some BYU swag.

Fund 50 Students for the 50th

Goal: $4 million to perpetually support 50 studentsCurrently funded: $2,052,670

Our goal for this campaign is to raise enough funds to allow 50 additional undergraduate students to participate each year in mentored research, scholarships, capstones, or other immersive hands-on experiences under the careful guidance of faculty mentors. Experiences like these are vital to landing the most competitive jobs and getting admitted into the best graduate programs. 100% of the donations go directly to students.

One of our undergraduates recently reported: “My mentored experience has taught me more than any class I have taken at BYU. I have learned so many valuable things and really grown as a scientist, not just a student.” We want to give as many students as possible this opportunity, so we are asking alumni who are able to help. Our goal is to fund an endowment that will support 50 additional students every year going forward. Donate here.

To discuss a larger donation or a customized gift in your name, the Philanthropies Department is happy to assist. Please reach out to Dan Greer at To direct your gift to a certain program or department, please visit

Give back another way

There are many ways to give back as an alumni from recruiting at BYU to creating a capstone project. Contact Monte Marshall for more information.

Tracking our Goals

We'll update this page and our trackers monthly. Check back here soon to see our progress.