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Programs Supported by Givers

Giving to CPMS

Our college has many needs across our departments and programs. 100% of donations go directly to students in the form of scholarships, research wages, and other direct student support. Thank you for supporting our students. Here are donation pages throughout the college:

Major Programs and Centers in the College:

CPMS Undergraduate Mentoring

The CPMS undergraduate mentoring program provides students with opportunities to work side-by-side with faculty on innovative research. These opportunities give students real experience that prepares them for either industry or top graduate programs. Last year, the college supported a record 1,101 undergraduate students in paid research positions (about a third of the college!). However, with over 3,000 students in our college, there are many students who still don’t get the chance to do research. This completed endowment will support an additional 110 undergraduate student researchers each year in perpetuity.

Fernando Amaya | Experiential Learning | BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry
Idongesit Ekpo | Experiential Learning | BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry
Misael Lazaro | Experiential Learning | BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry

Tanner Hardy | Experiential Learning | BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jason Calvin | Experiential Learning | BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry

CPMS Graduate Fellowships

The strength of CPMS graduate programs depends largely upon the ability to recruit quality graduate students. Universities must provide competitive financial support packages to attract top graduate students in science-related fields. Graduate students are not only the front-line of CPMS research, but are critical to the mentoring of students at the undergraduate level. Resources for graduate fellowships allows CPMS to pursue these important objectives.