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Cindy Snow and Susan Allen

Cindy Snow and Susan Allen were the first two female graduates from the BYU Department of Computer Science in 1972. Cindy has worked at Intel Corporation and as an adjunct faculty member at BYU. Susan works for Ravenswood City School District doing Tech Support.

As they looked back on their career experience and realized how many great opportunities they had and the blessings their BYU education had been, they decided they wanted to help other women have the same opportunity. They collaborated to make a significant gift through starting the Women in Computer Science Scholarship at BYU.

Earl Norris

After receiving his master’s degree in geology from BYU, Earl Norris had many opportunities to travel the world discovering oil reserves.

In the end, he was able to successfully build his own petroleum discovery company. Because of the many doors the geology department opened for him and his wife, Janelle, they are eager to give back with both their time and money. They are excited to support the geology department by giving to the students and the department’s research.

They attribute the experiences they had to the education they gained at BYU.

Hugh and Cindy Redd

Hugh Redd and his wife, Cindy, were graduates of BYU. Four of their six children are BYU graduates and two are current Cougars.

They recently recognized how much BYU has blessed their family and decided to create a scholarship in math in the name of Hugh’s father, Lloyd. That scholarship is helping the math department recruit some of the top high school students in the country.

Thanks to this scholarship BYU has been able to become more competitive for prospective students and has helped the math department improve dramatically.