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Another Student Emmy Nom — This Time with Accompanying Wedding Bells

(YouTube Screenshot)

BYU Animation's Taijitu nominated for student Emmy

It’s not a love story. And it is.

Taijitu, the latest BYU animation film to be nominated for a College Television Award (widely referred to as a student Emmy), is primarily a coming-of-age story. A young boy, chosen for an important responsibility that he finds frightening and overwhelming, “needs to realize that there is beauty in growing up and beauty in experiencing new things,” said Emma Gillette, the film’s art director and a recent BYU grad.

Gillette worked with a team of more than 40 animation, illustration, computer science and music students for more than a year to create the film, which garnered BYU’s Center for Animation its 19th student Emmy nomination since 2004. And in the middle of navigating special effects, lighting, characters and more, she did something she had promised herself she’d never do.

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