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Annual Summer Institute of Applied Statistics Discusses Modern Statistical Methods


The 42nd Annual Summer Institute of Applied Statistics (SAIS) was held June 21-22 in the Department of Statistics on BYU campus. Dr. Robert B. Gramacy, from Virginia Tech, Department of Statistics, presented methods for spatially varying data in a wide variety of fields such as physics, national security, engineering and life sciences. Dr. Gramacy concentrated on modern statistical methods that are faster and more economical in terms of computation both to implement and to apply. During his presentation, Dr. Gramacy showed examples of the newer techniques that allow statisticians to ethically and efficiently evaluate information. The presentation covered statistical techniques at the interface between mathematical modeling via computer simulation, computer model meta-modeling, calibration of computer models to data from field experiments, and model-based sequential design and optimization under uncertainty. Practical examples of experiments from the physical and engineering sciences were illustrated and discussed.

Along with teaching and research at Virginia Tech, Dr. Gramacy serves as Program Chair-Elect for the ASA section on Statistics in Defense and National Security.