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Attention mentored research students: We have a new system to report on your mentoring experience. Automated emails will be sent out at the end of each semester in April, July, and November. You will receive a personalized link to your BYU email from

What is Mentored Research?

Mentored research is the opportunity for students to gain firsthand experience with exciting original research projects. Students and professors work together to lead scientific projects and make new discoveries. All students are invited to participate in mentored research!

Mentored Research is a paid opportunity focused on learning and application outside of the classroom.

What is Mentored Research?

How Do I Get Involved in Mentored Research?

To get started, contact a professor in a research area that interests you. Learn about their available opportunities and any prerequisites for their projects. You can find information about each professor's research interests on the individual department websites.

Schedule a time to meet with the professor by calling or emailing them directly. You can also contact the department office.

On average, one credit hour of research is equivalent to three hours per week in the lab.

How to Get Involved

What Types of Research Will I Do?

Research projects vary per department, professor, and emphasis. Each project will give you invaluable hands-on experience with the industry.

Sometimes you will be asked to work on existing projects, and sometimes you will be invited to start your own. Every project is based on original research.

Students are not expected to know everything prior to working on a project. This is an opportunity to learn, grow, make mistakes, and become a better scientist.

Types of Research Projects

Why Participate in Mentored Research?

Mentored research is a unique and impactful opportunity for students of the college. This firsthand experience with field work helps you discover what you would like to do in the future. Students have gone on to graduate school, industry work, academia, and continued research opportunities.

Participating students have opportunities to formally publish their finding in scientific journals and present their work at professional conferences.

Benefits of Mentored Research