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Merritt B. Andrus

Organic Chemistry Research, Chemistry and Biochemistry

C-410 BNSN
Provo, UT 84602


Merritt B. Andrus, PhD was born in Glendale California in 1961 and was raised in near-by Burbank. After graduating there from John Burroughs HS, he attended Brigham Young University majoring in chemistry. Merritt then served in the Venezuela Caracas Mission from 1980 to 1982. He finished a BS degree in chemistry from BYU in 1986. He performed organic research with Prof. Jerald S. Bradshaw during this time. Merritt was also active in the BYU music department performing and traveling with the Chamber Orchestra, the jazz group Synthesis, and the performing group The Young Ambassadors. Merritt performed graduate work at the University of Utah earning a PhD degree in organic chemistry in 1991. He developed new research on asymmetric allylstannane additions under the direction of Prof. Gary E. Keck. Merritt was then a postdoctoral associate of Prof. Stuart L. Schreiber at Harvard, Department of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Cambridge, MS. During this time, he earned a National Institutes of Health fellowship working in the area of immunosuppressant drug design. In 1993 Dr. Andrus accepted an assistant professor position in the department of chemistry at Purdue U., West Lafayette, IN. During this time Dr. Andrus received major grants from the NIH (RO1), NSF (Career Award), American Chemical Society, and Proctor & Gamble (University Exploratory Research Award). In 1997 Dr. Andrus and his research group moved to Brigham Young U. In 2000 he was promoted to associate professor and in 2004 was promoted to full professor. Major grants earned in this time period include the NIH, NSF, Research Corporation, ACS, and the American Cancer Society. Prof. Andrus remains active in the areas of asymmetric methodology, natural product total synthesis, and drug development. Merritt and wife, Diane have 5 children

Research Interests

Prof. Andrus is active in the areas of asymmetric methodology, natural product total synthesis, and drug development. Synthetic methods include asymmetric allylic oxidation, glycolate aldol reactions, phase-transfer catalysis, alkylation, aldol, and conjugate additions, N-heterocyclic carbene transition metal catalyzed cross coupling, and remote C-H oxidation. Completed syntheses include octalactin, tuckolide, stipiamide, geldanamycin, and resveratrol. Synthetic analog medicinal agents have been designed based on stipiamide, geldanamycin, resveratrol, and engerlin A. Numerous publications and patents have resulted from these efforts. PhD and postdoctoral personnel trained have secured positions at major pharmaceutical companies and in academia

Teaching Interests

Prof. Andrus teaches numerous courses in the department of chemistry and biochemistry. His main emphasis is in the organic area teaching Chem 351, 352 courses taken by pre-professional and science and chemistry majors. Graduate level organic classes include advanced synthesis, organometallics, natural product total synthesis, Chem 659. He also teaches organic spectroscopy Chem 455, 555. Prof. Andrus also regularly teaches introductory general chemistry, Chem 101 and Chem 285, introductory organic/biochemistry to pre-nursing, dietetics, and exercise science majors. In addition, Dr. Andrus teaches chemistry literature, advanced writing to chemistry majors.

Courses Taught


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Merritt Brooks Andrus
Merritt Brooks Andrus
Merritt Brooks Andrus
Merritt Brooks Andrus