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Gordon Bean

Assistant Teaching Professor
Computer Science


Gordon Bean received his BS in Bioinformatics from BYU in 2008 and his PhD in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from UCSD in 2014. After graduating from UCSD, Gordon worked as a Bioinformatic Scientist for Illumina, a biotech company based in San Diego focussed on genetic sequencing. He and his wife have 3 children.

Research Interests

I am fascinated by the programmer's experience. Writing software is an art—it takes practice, study, and the refinement of skill to write successful software. It has been a point of professional study to understand the principles that govern quality software as well as the process through which we learn those principles.

How does code evolve? What qualities allow software to keep pace with the changing requirements of the problem it solves? How do human beings comprehend code? What principles promote better organization of thoughts and better software design?

Teaching Interests

I love teaching the fundamentals of programming. My favorite courses to teach are the early core courses. I have loved being a part of the new introductory curriculum for computer science.

Courses Taught