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David Michaelis

Associate Professor
Organic Chemistry Research, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Provo, UT 84602


David Michaelis was born and Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT and recieved a B.S. in Chemistry in 2005. David also took a break during his undergraduate studies at BYU and spent 2 years as a missionary for the LDS Church in Costa Rica speaking Spanish. David then attended graduate school in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he worked under the supervision of Tehshik P. Yoon. David's graduate research focused on the development of novel oxidation reactions with oxaziridines. Much of these studies focused on the development of a copper-catalyzed oxyamination reaction of olefins, including the development of an asymmetric variant of this reaction. While at Wisconsin, David also participated in and was supported by the Chemistry–Biology Interface Training Program (NIH Sponsored), and as part of this program performed a 3 month internship at Amgen, Inc. in 2008. David was also the recipient of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry graduate fellowship in 2008–2009. After completing his PhD in December of 2009, David started a postdoctoral position with Barry M. Trost at Stanford University, where he was supported by an NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship. At Stanford, David worked on the development of several metal-catalyzed asymmetric methodologies, and on the synthesis of cytotoxic agent peloruside A. David started his independent career at BYU in April of 2013. His research program focuses on the development of new catalysts for organic synthesis. David is the father of 5 children and currently resides in Orem, UT with his wife and family.

Research Interests

Organic Synthesis, Catalysis, Inorganic Synthesis, Materials/Polymer Synthesis, Biocatalysis, nanoparticles, heterobimetallic complexes, natural product synthesis, new chemical reactions, bioactive compounds

Teaching Interests

Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Transition Metal Catalysis


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry , University Of Wisconsin–Madison (2009)
  • B.S. , Chemistry , Brigham Young University (2005)

Courses Taught


Greg Mohl Nathan Liddle J. Nygaard Alexander Dorius N. Lyons J. Hodek J. Weber David John Michaelis David D. Busath David John Michaelis Michael J Kinghorn Gabriel A Valdivia-Berroeta Donalee R Chantry Steven R. E. Draper Jared S. Duval Bryan M. Masion Samuel B. Cahoon Rachael R. Flansburg Cory J. Conder Mason S. Smith Joshua L Price


Gregory A. Mohl Nathan Liddle Alexander Dorius Joseph Nygaard Jan Hodek Jan Weber David John Michaelis David Busath