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Blake Barker photo

Blake Barker

Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics Research

312 TMCB - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602


I earned my PhD under the mentorship of Kevin Zumbrun in 2014 at Indiana University. I completed a NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship at Brown University under the mentorship of Bjorn Sandstede from 2014-2016. I have been an assistant professor of mathematics at Brigham Young University since 2016.

Research Interests

I study stability of traveling waves in a variety of physically motivated systems, such as the Navier-Stokes equations, Magnetohydrodynamics, the shallow water equations, and reactive Navier-Stokes. My research lies at the intersection of numerical analysis, partial differential equations, and dynamical systems. I use rigorous verification to provide computer aided proofs of stability properties.

Teaching Interests

Applied and pure math.

Honors and Awards

  • Department Distinguished Mentoring Award, Department of Mathematics, Brigham Young University (2020 - 2020)
  • Richard C. DiPrima Prize, SIAM (2016 - 2016)
  • National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematics, NSF DMS (2014 - 2016)

Courses Taught