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Sight and Sound

Acoustic Outreach Programs at BYU

The Chemistry Department's Open Lab Day

For Young Scientists
Sight and Sound
The Chemistry Department's Open Lab Day
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Places to Visit

Museum of Paleontology

Founded as the Earth Science Museum in 1976 by the late James A. Jensen for the preparation, study, and display of dinosaurs and other fossils, Museum of Paleontology (previously named the BYU Earth Science Museum) possesses one of the largest collections of Upper Jurassic period dinosaur fossils. For several decades, the unprepared fossils were stored under the university’s football stadium until a recent addition was built on the museum to accommodate them.

BYU Royden G. Derrick Planetarium

The Royden G. Derrick planetarium at BYU was completed in March of 2005, and upgraded in Aug. 2010. The facility is located in the Eyring Science Center on campus and is used primarily for holding university classes. However, we also provide outreach shows for community groups and weekend shows for the general public.
Events to Attend

Acoustics Outreach

The Acoustics Research Group currently offers two forms of science outreach to the community: the popular annual acoustics demonstration shows and tours of our research facilities (anechoic and reverberation chambers) for K-12 classes and other groups.

Sounds to Astound:

Bring the family to explore waves, resonance, and decibels! There is a tour of BYU’s anechoic chamber after the show.

Educational Tours:

Tour BYU’s unique anechoic and reverberation facilities as a school class or other groups.

Open Lab Day

This is a national event sponsored by the ACS (American Chemical Society) called National Lab Day. Local ACS chapters are encouraged to hold an event either the 1st or 2nd weeks in May.

Y-Chem, BYU’s chapter of the American Chemical Society, usually hosts the event annually each spring. The chapter aims to show students fun experiments that will engage them in chemical reactions that can sometimes be hard to understand and expose students to the hands-on side of chemistry. They will not be holding an Open Lab Day in Spring of 2023 but will have events upcoming in the Fall.

For more information, contact Valarie Maker,, in the BYU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


For anyone who ever fantasized about life as an astronaut, launching rockets, or exploring Mars, BYU’s Astrofest makes those dreams a reality. The free event includes hands-on activities and physics demonstrations.

This biannual event takes place each spring (typically on a Saturday in May) at the Eyring Science Center.

BYU Chem Camp

Each summer we host chem camps for children ages 9-14. At these day camps kids will get to learn through experience by participating in fun experiments and lab demonstrations!