Why We Love Black Friday

For some Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is almost more revered than the actual turkey day. Black Friday is a national tradition that tempts any avid shopper to get a head start on Christmas shopping and save a fortune. Last year, shoppers spent just over $59 billion on Black Friday.[1] It seems illogical that people look forward to waiting in mile-long lines at the crack of dawn only to fight tooth and nail for the best deals on all kinds of products. However, scientists say there is a reason for such behavior.

Neurologist Dr. Paul Zak measured oxytocin levels in women’s brains. Oxytocin is related to feelings of love and trust; the coupons women received increased the hormone level in their brains.

Dr. Zak says, “We’re so engrained to being social creatures that even receiving a coupon online is viewed by the brain as a social experience.” Zak drew the conclusion that the positive mental reaction to the coupon has become one of the reasons we love discounts so much.[2]

Whatever your motives for joining the masses of shoppers this year, there are local stores you won’t want to miss. Most of the major stores are doing three waves of doorbusters, beginning Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28th) at 6 p.m.

Happy shopping from CPMS!

—Madison Parks, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

photo credit: Polycart via photopin cc


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