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Hands-On In the Classroom 1

Hands-On: In the Classroom

See the Mathematics Education Department in action.

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Hands On: Center for Animation

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make an animated movie, such as UP or Despicable Me? Our team went behind the scenes to watch the magic behind animation at in the Center for Animation. Watch and see what we discovered!

Hands On: Riding Mathematical Waves

Join the Hands On team and the Department of Mathematics as they figure out how waves work.

Hands On: In The Classroom

In this episode Hands On is going back to school to see the Mathematics Education Department in action.


Hands-On: Turning Waste Into Usable Energy

Learn how BYU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is making energy out of waste.


Hands-On: Geology at Clear Lake

Join the Department of Geological Sciences as they discover the source of Clear Lake.

Hands On Courtside with Statistics

Hands-On: Courtside with Statistics

Watch how the BYU women’s volleyball team uses statistics to improve their game.

Hi-Speed Explosions with Dr. Gee

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber—Dig Deeper 1

Watch high speed video of exploding hydrogen balloons.

Professors Dissect the Explosions

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber—Dig Deeper 2

Learn about how professors of acoustics and chemistry work together to research explosions in the classroom.

Hands On West Mtn. Observatory

Hands-On: West Mountain Observatory

Step into an observatory and learn all about telescopes and the night sky.

Hands On Anechoic Chamber

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber

Experience hydrogen balloon explosions in the quietest room on campus.

Dr. Britt, the Man Behind the Myth

Hands-On: Dinosaur Land—Dig Deeper

Hear from Professor Britt about what first interested him in paleontology.

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