Physics Videos

Sounds to Astound: A fiery acoustics lesson

Watch BYU’s Sounds to Astound demos. Visit to find out about the next show!

Discovering Science – SPS

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) gives amazing demonstrations showcasing how fun science really can be. Discover it for yourself!

ping pong cannon sps

Ping Pong Cannon! – SPS

Watch a ping pong ball tear through cardboard and even travel faster than the speed of sound as it barrels towards a BYU Physics student. FOR SCIENCE!

Hi-Speed Explosions with Dr. Gee

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber—Dig Deeper 1

Watch high speed video of exploding hydrogen balloons.

BYU Students Make the News at Zero Gravity

BYU Students Make News at Zero Gravity

Get a taste of outer space with BYU students on NASA’s Vomit Comet.

Professors Dissect the Explosions

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber—Dig Deeper 2

Learn about how professors of acoustics and chemistry work together to research explosions in the classroom.

Is Light Heavy?

Is Light Heavy?

Watch as students study electromagnetism, the law of physics that governs the majority of our lives.

Theoretical Physics Mentoring

Theoretical Physics Mentoring

Watch as students work together to develop a new theory about energy loss and recovery.

Ping Pong Cannon

Ping Pong Cannon

Watch as Professor Stokes demonstrates the effects of pressure by using himself as a target.

Magnetospheres and Solarflares

Magnetospheres and Solarflares

See how earth protects us from millions of the sun’s charged particles known as a solar flare.

Ed Gholdston Honored Alumni Lecture, October 2010

Ed Gholdston Honored Alumni Lecture

Learn all about the challenges and excitement involved in exploring space

Hands On Anechoic Chamber

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber

Experience hydrogen balloon explosions in the quietest room on campus.

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