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CRT Risky Business

CRT: Risky Business

See how students can overcome intellectual obstacles and achieve success by taking risks.

Why Mathematicians Play with Bubbles?

Why Mathematicians Play with Bubbles

See math students determine what shape of bubble has the least surface area.

We Use Math

We Use Math

Discover the opportunities and success you can have by studying math.

Eric Murphy Lecture (Complete)

Eric Murphy Lecture

Hear the confessions of a recovering English major and unrepentant math nerd.

Geoscience with Mariah

Geoscience with Mariah

Hear about an undergrad student’s experience studying geological sciences.

Dr. Britt, the Man Behind the Myth

Hands-On: Dinosaur Land—Dig Deeper

Hear from Professor Britt about what first interested him in paleontology.

New Dino Discovered

New Dino Discovered

Hear from BYU researchers about finding a rare sauropod skull belonging to Abydosaurus.

Global Warming, Glaciers, and the Alps

Global Warming, Glaciers, and the Alps

Travel to the Alps and see why with all the recent discussion on global warming, the study of glaciers takes on a whole new level of importance

Coral and Coastal Drift on the Island of Stromboli

Spend some time on the beach and see students researching how waves and tides move objects across the ocean floor.

Geological Sciences Mentoring

Geological Sciences Mentoring

See how students determine the likelihood of a major earthquake occurring this century.

Exploring IO Jupiter's Volcanic Moon

Exploring IO: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon

Learn about the most volcanically active world in the solar system.

Geology on the Island of Vulcano

Geology students explore the mountain that gave modern volcanoes their name.

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