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What is CPMS?

Do you know what CPMS is? Take a guess!

1812 Finale with Chemistry

Students set up a chemical reaction rigged to explode following Tchaikovsky’s finale of the overture, 1812.


Hands-On: Turning Waste Into Usable Energy

Learn how BYU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is making energy out of waste.


Hands-On: Geology at Clear Lake

Join the Department of Geological Sciences as they discover the source of Clear Lake.

Anthrax Detection A statistical defence against bio-warfare

Anthrax Detection: A Statistical Defense Against Bio-Warfare

See how these simple strategies can be helpful in protecting against anthrax.

Statistics Mentoring

Statistics Mentoring

See how data gathered by undergrad students are used to predict election outcomes.

Adaptive Clinical Trials Don't Stick to Status Quo

Adaptive Clinical Trials: Don’t Stick to Status Quo

Learn about the statistical model a student developed to shorten the length of clinical trials for medications.

Hands On Courtside with Statistics

Hands-On: Courtside with Statistics

Watch how the BYU women’s volleyball team uses statistics to improve their game.

2010 College Exit Poll (News Short)

2010 College Exit Poll

Watch BYU students use statistics to predict election outcomes on live television.

Frontiers Video- Not Just Another Statistics Class

Frontiers: Not Just Another Statistics Class

See how statistics plays a big role in modern DNA sequencing used in cancer research.

Hi-Speed Explosions with Dr. Gee

Hands-On: Anechoic Chamber—Dig Deeper 1

Watch high speed video of exploding hydrogen balloons.

BYU Students Make the News at Zero Gravity

BYU Students Make News at Zero Gravity

Get a taste of outer space with BYU students on NASA’s Vomit Comet.

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