Chemistry Videos

1812 Finale with Chemistry

Students set up a chemical reaction rigged to explode following Tchaikovsky’s finale of the overture, 1812.


Hands-On: Turning Waste Into Usable Energy

Learn how BYU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is making energy out of waste.

Nanocatalysis: Smaller, Cheaper, More Efficient

Nanocatalysis: Smaller, Cheaper, More Efficient

Everything from digesting the food we eat to the refinement of gas for our cars requires catalysts.

Lab on a Chip

Lab on a Chip

Visit the BYU Clean Room and learn about microchips made to capture tiny biological particles like viruses.

DNA Origami and Micro-contact Printing

DNA Origami and Micro-Contact Printing

See how DNA can help build smaller computer circuits.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Mentoring

Chemistry and Biochemistry Mentoring

Get a look at how undergraduate research and mentoring really works.

Hands On- Explosive Chemistry Lab

Hands-On: Explosive Chemistry Lab

Learn the science behind things like trick candles and rocket fuel from BYU’s Chemistry & Biochemistry Department.

Frontiers Video- One Man's Trash

Frontiers: One Man’s Trash

See how a dairy farm in Ogden, Utah has the potential to power the 21st century.

open lab day1

Open Lab Day

See an exploding Swedish Fish and other cool experiments during BYU’s Open Lab Day.