Two brains truth

Left or right brained?

When it comes to the brain, popular psychology says you have two halves with two different functions. The left side of the brain is for your analytical processes, while the right is for creative activity. Test your brain and see how quickly you can say the color of the words in the box below.

What does this mean?

Well, nothing really. The idea of left and right brain has been somewhat debunked by modern science. The functionality of the brain isn’t so clearly divided –thinking analytically and creatively happens across both sides of your brain.

The myth of being a “right-brain only” person is just as false as the idea that all scientists are only analytically driven people. Here in the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (CPMS), we use “both sides” of our brain every day.

In fact, we’ve found that our students and professors tend to do their best analytical work by thinking creatively. CPMS undergraduates get creative by conducting real research early on in their education.

Use both your brains

We want our students to be using their brains now. You don’t have to wait until you start your career to put your brain to work. There are so many questions out there just waiting to be tackled by students.

As you become more familiar with the options available in our college, you just might find your passion. With some analytical and creative thinking, you’re likely to find ways to apply science to any area that your brain finds interesting.