The science of size and the hierarchy of the food chain

As you walk away from your family and friends at the airport, or wherever your jumping off point might be, they’ll appear smaller and smaller. Don’t worry. They are still there for you. Always will be. And they are still actual size. It’s a science thing.

You, however, are about to undergo some growing pains of your own. I’m sure people have already told you that coming to BYU is like going from being a big fish in a little pond to being a little fish in a big pond. (We’ll leave that debate to the people over in the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences though.)

Don’t let talk like that scare you. Yes, there will be a lot of people in your ward. Yes, there will be a lot of people in your classes. These are all true facts; I won’t trouble you with the numbers to prove it.

But really, why shouldn’t the masses of BYU scare you? Well, because masses of people mean there are just more of them to love and more to love you. You will find a friend. In fact, you will find many. BYU is full of students and faculty who are eager to see you do your best.

In my experience here, I’ve found that professors especially will take an interest in you. In CPMS, our professors love it when students knock on their door to discuss what they’re learning. This is great when you’re not understanding the material, and it’s also great when you are getting it and want to learn more.

All professors at BYU have office hours. Office hours are a specific time each week that they set aside for students to come and talk. Basically, their doors are open to you. You can stop by to ask a question you didn’t have time for in class, to get clarification on an assignment, or to get ideas for that paper you just got assigned. Whatever you go in for, go in ready to learn from them, rather than to challenge them. Faculty are friends (not food).

—Katie Pitts, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


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  1. Erik
    29 August 11, 10:47am

    “Faculty are friends (not food).”

    HA! I actually laughed out loud (lol) on that one. Great blog post, BYU is a good place to be.

    • Katie Pitts
      29 August 11, 4:46pm

      What do you think makes BYU a good place to be? Any favorite spots to hang out?

  2. Jonathan
    27 October 11, 12:55pm

    I know this is late but I thought I’d get my two cents in there. Favorite place on campus? Well I like the top of the JFSB. They have a nice outdoor patio with a great view. The library is actually really inviting during the winter time. Its nice to just go in there in between classes find a warm comfy seat that has a view outside while the snow is drifting down and curl up for an in between classes nap, or do some reading. Yup, those are my favs

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