How vast was my campus!

Since my time as a freshman, I’ve been trying to figure out this great mystery: the size of campus. Despite having lived only thirty minutes away from campus all of my life, I had never really visited BYU campus until I came for Education Week during my senior year of high school.

I couldn’t believe how massive campus was! My mother always said that BYU was a place that made her feet hurt because all you ever do here is walk from one place to the next. I quickly found this to be true. I enviously watched as the more elderly participants of Education Week were shuttled around the perimeter of campus in vans. Not wanting to admit defeat, I was determined to walk everywhere, but I was dying in the attempt. At every turn, yet another great building loomed over me, which I struggled to match up with the series of shapes on the map in my hand. It was a miserable couple of afternoons.

When I actually came to campus to begin my freshman year, this magical thing happened: campus shrunk! It only took a day to know where everything was. And to my great surprise, it didn’t take that long to walk to everything, and my feet no longer hurt. Even now, I see girls walking around in all heights of high-heeled shoes, and they make it to class!

Campus may seem gigantic at first, but I promise you’ll figure it out pretty quick. It really only takes a few days before you know the quickest ways from one end to the other. By the time it gets cold, you’ll be able to plan your route to include time in a few warm buildings on the way to class.

Want to speed up your acclimation time? Here’s a link to the online BYU map. You can start finding your classes and getting a feel for the look of all the different buildings.

Stay tuned for another blog post to help you make sense of all the acronyms for the building names. You’ll be pleasantly sipping alphabet soup in no time.


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