Let me one-up you: The graceful midterm survival guide

October—once filled with candy and costumes. But then you came to college and learned what midterms really mean. You’ve probably had this experience sometime in the past week or two.

You to a classmate: “Ugh! I have this crazy econ midterm to take this week.”

Classmate: “Oh, yeah. That’s tough. I have three this week.”

You: “Really? That’s terrible. I guess I don’t have it that bad. But still! Economics!”

Just as you’re trying to justify how hard your midterm is, it seems that some guy behind you always chirps up to tell you that he has anywhere from three to five midterms in one week. For me, that’s when I realize that I’m not alone. Everyone is crunching.

Midterms don’t typically make for charitable BYU students. Why is that? Well, because they’re hard, and they often do hit us all at once. The trick is to survive them and keep your friends. Here are some tips:

  • Use the library. Take your friends. Not familiar with the library? Check out the video below.
  • Eat well. It’s important to strike a balance between total starvation and drowning in ice cream. Neither of these will get you good grades. Save the drowning bit for celebration after your midterms.
  • Sleep like you mean it. Staying up all night studying is usually a bad idea. You need eight hours of sleep more than ever during this time.
  • Remember: midterms don’t determine the rest of your life. In some instances, they hardly even determine your semester. A bad grade on one test doesn’t mean you can’t raise your grade. Keep your chin up, kid, and come off conqueror.


Photo credit: Nick Aldwin, Flickr


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  1. Jonathan
    27 October 11, 12:59pm

    Seriously on the sleep thing! When I pull an all-nighter I don’t remember probably 80% of what I studied, so sleeping for 8 hours and studying for 2 works just as well as pulling an all-nighter, plus my brain works better so I can figure out stuff without getting frustrated.

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