Why BYU?

Why do graduate studies at BYU?

• Meaningful research projects
• Attentive mentoring from well-qualified professors
• Chances for presenting and publishing
• State-of-the-art research facilities
• Valuable networking and career placement aids
• Subsidized tuition and paid research/teaching opportunities

A BYU Education Is

Spiritually Strengthening
At BYU, students are prepared to tackle tough questions with an eye of faith. Belief and science are seen as integrated, not opposing, tools of discovery. Each Tuesday, life on campus pauses for an hour-long university devotional in which professors and other leaders speak, often discussing how faith can illuminate academic disciplines. Past devotional address by CPMS faculty can be accessed here.

Intellectually Enlarging
At BYU, students receive a world-class education. BYU professors make quality teaching a high priority, both in the classroom and in the laboratory. They are willing to give individual time to making sure that students fully grasp the material and have chances to be involved in research. CPMS students have access to excellent research facilities where they are mentored by teams of professors and peers.

Character Building
Campus is constantly buzzing with social activities, giving students plenty of opportunities to meet people with similar interests and the same high standards. BYU was founded on the belief that character is higher than intellect. All students agree to keep the university’s honor code. This fosters an environment of integrity and mutual respect that enhances learning.

Leading to Lifelong Learning and Service
Students are encouraged to find ways to give back during their time on campus and as they leave BYU. Whether it’s bringing water to Africa or new drugs to cancer patients, students participate in research with a reason, finding solutions that improve the lives of real people.

The Aims of BYU