Mathematics Education

Our program leaves students well prepared to get into top math ed PhD programs, to take on important leadership roles in schools throughout the nation, and to return to classrooms better equipped to make a difference in students’ lives. Course requirements are flexible, and students can work with their advisors to design a tailor-made program that combines deepening of mathematical understanding, development of pedagogical insights, and engagement in research in learning and teaching mathematics. We schedule classes late in the afternoon and during summer term, so we can accommodate working teachers and other part-time students.Below, you’ll find video interviews with grad students and basic info on the program. For more details and to apply, visit the department page and BYU Graduate Studies.

Research Areas (By Faculty)

  • Douglas L. Corey

    Douglas L. Corey, PhD, University of Michigan ’07

    Interests include understanding the characteristics of high-quality mathematics instruction, Japanese mathematics teaching, and Japanese teacher development.

  • Kate R. Johnson

    Kate R. Johnson, PhD, Michigan State University

    Research interests are the identities of mathematics teachers in the context of teaching mathematics in ways that illuminate social inequity and empower students to seek social change.

  • Steven R. Jones

    Steven R. Jones, PhD, University of Maryland

    Research interests include undergraduate mathematics education (calculus in particular) and educational issues related to applying mathematics to science and engineering.

  • Keith R. Leatham

    Keith R. Leatham, PhD, University of Georgia ’02

    Research interests include productive use of student mathematical thinking in classroom mathematics discourse and how teachers come to understand that practice.

  • Blake E. Peterson

    Blake E. Peterson, PhD, Washington State University ’93

    Research interests are on the process of learning to teach mathematics in the United States and in Japan.

  • Daniel K. Siebert

    Daniel K. Siebert, PhD, UC-San Diego ’00

    Research interests includes discourse and literacy in mathematics classrooms.

  • Dawn Teuscher

    Dawn Teuscher, PhD, University of Missouri ’08

    Research interest include secondary mathematics teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching and the effects of Policy decisions in the mathematics education field.

  • Steven R. Williams

    Steven R. Williams, PhD, U of Wisconsin-Madison ’89

    Research interests include advanced mathematical thinking (including calculus concepts, advanced algebra and proof), and sociocultural approaches to knowledge and classroom discourse.



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