Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at BYU emphasizes student research. As part of that commitment, we dedicate 90% of research funds to students. Through numerous labs, students receive valuable one-on-one mentoring from a faculty advisor. In addition to having access to all CS faculty members, students can participate in interdisciplinary work with the university’s other departments. All research efforts are meant to exemplify the department motto: computing that serves. Students in the program can take advantage of exceptional computing facilities, including a world-class supercomputer.

Below, you’ll find video interviews with grad students and basic info on the program. For more details and to apply, visit the department page and BYU Graduate Studies.

Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Students and faculty in this area have worked on many amazing projects, including teaching computers to speak an ancient language.
    Areas of Emphasis

    Bayesian reasoning, computational creativity, data mining, multi-agent learning, natural language processing, neural networks and learning algorithms, and robotics

    Associated Faculty
    Christophe Giraud-Carrier
    Tony Martinez
    Eric Ringger
    Kevin Seppi
    Dan Ventura
    Sean Warnick


  • Computational Science and Control

    Computational Science and Control

    One research project includes developing a mathematical algorithm that can accurately map DNA sequences.
    Areas of Emphasis

    Biological network reconstruction, computational finance, economics and social science, control, DNA mapping, evolutionary family trees, feedback systems, organizational dynamics, and predictive modeling

    Associated Faculty
    Mark Clement
    Quinn Snell

  • Computer Networks, Systems, and Security

    Computer Networks, Systems, and Security

    A group in this area has developed a new programming technique that can improve the functionality of companies.
    Areas of Emphasis

    Computer security, distributed algorithms and protocol design, internet applications, networking, programming language design, and software model checking

    Associated Faculty
    J. Kelly Flanagan
    Jay McCarthy
    Eric Mercer
    Kent Seamons
    Daniel Zappala

  • Data and Text Analytics

    Data and Text Analytics

    Through one of these labs, family history has reached a new level, thanks to the contributions of grad students.
    Areas of Emphasis

    Database applications, data engineering, data extraction, data mining, family history technology, information retrieval, and natural language processing

    Associated Faculty
    David W. Embley
    Dennis Ng

  • Graphics and Computer Vision

    Graphics and Computer Vision

    Many students within this field pursue careers in the entertainment industry. Top film companies, including Pixar, have made BYU their primary recruiting location for their animation staff.
    Areas of Emphasis

    Animation, advanced 3-D graphics, computer–generated natural phenomena, computer vision, hyperdimensional graphics, image processing, computer-aided design, and isogeometric analysis

    Associated Faculty
    Bill Barrett
    Robert P. Burton
    Parris Egbert
    Michael Jones
    Bryan Morse
    Tom Sederberg

  • Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction

    Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction

    Robots may provide significant contributions to the medical and mental health fields. One group in this area is exploring how robots can be used in understanding, diagnosing, and treating autism.
    Areas of Emphasis

    Assistive robotics, empirical methods for software engineering, human-computer and human-robot interaction, interactive television, software development teams, and user interface design

    Associated Faculty
    Michael A. Goodrich
    Charles Knutson
    Dan Olsen



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