Your New Home

Choosing where to do your grad studies can be daunting. We understand that what you study is a big part of who you are. In CPMS, we have a professor and a lab to suit just about any research interest. Check out the options under the Departments tab.

Meet Betsy

Want to talk with an actual student about what grad studies are like in CPMS? Betsy is currently earning her master’s degree in mathematics education. Hear from her and other students under the Departments and Videos tabs.

Utah? Heck yes.

Not many people know too much about Provo, Utah. But Provo is actually just minutes away from some of the best skiing, hiking, and geology in the West. Learn more about what sets our social scene apart under the Why BYU? tab.

Meet Giriraj

For his grad studies, Giriraj came all the way to BYU from Nepal. Even as an international student, he’s found that BYU is a good place for him. He’s now applying his knowledge to help others. Like Giriraj, most students come and research topics that are meaningful to them. Learn about the many exciting discoveries and contributions they’re making under the Successes tab.