Learning to read again

So you paid $150 for that textbook, and now you’ve got to read it. It’s tough. I know. Of all the shocks that come with being a freshman, I would go so far as to say that the amount of reading assigned in your classes might just be the hardest part. Digesting an entire chapter of chemistry is not as easy as going to grab a donut with your roommates. It might come down to a decision between living it up and hanging out with your textbooks.

There’s no shame in spending a few nights a week at the library. In fact, scheduling a few hours of reading into your day will actually free up a lot of time for you. When it comes down to taking a test on the material, you’ll be glad you read. Test prep can be smooth sailing when it doesn’t mean reading an entire book the night before your scheduled midterm.

You’ve done a lot to get to BYU, and now it’s time to really take hold of everything it offers. Reading is a necessary part of getting the most out of your education. Would you be very happy if someone only gave you two-thirds of an ice cream cone? Of course not! You want to enjoy every lick of it. Such is the case with the material being offered in your classes.

Feel like you’re a slow reader? Consider getting some professional help with your textbook comprehension. It’s easier than you think. Check out the Career and Academic Success Center on campus. They’re completely free, and they have the tools to make sure that you get the most from your academic ice cream cone.

Also check these resources out:

“Five Keys” by the BYU Center for Teaching and Learning

Speed reading classes by the Writing Center

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